Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Super Boys No Match For Li Yuchun

This is the 8th most searched keyword on Yahoo China today, 1,862,184 searches in one day.


Li Yuchun (pictured above) was the winner of the huge reality TV success, Super Girl, two years ago. She (yes, she) has since become one of the most loved pop idols of modern day China. Following the success with the program, Hunan TV did another similar show this year, Super Boy. Again it was a huge hit with the young audience. The winner Chen Chusheng also became a popular face almost immediately.

But if you put them side by side (as the Chinese would say: PK), who draws in more money for their record company (they are managed by the same one)? According to some recent observations, apparently Super Girl Li Yuchun comes out on top by a huge margin.

In both Nanjing and Chongqing, the ticket sales of Li Yuchun's concert is doing way better than that of all the 13 Super Boy finalists combined. Although she was the winner from two years ago, her fans are as crazy about her as ever (and they are mostly girls). One of the Super Boy finalists, Wang Zhenliang, was Li Yuchun's music teacher at the Sichuan Music College. This poor guy lost out on the "PK" to his own student.

Loser! Wang Zhengliang (i.e. Li Yuchun's former music teacher)



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