Thursday, October 11, 2007

Who Stole Beckham's Body?

I know David Beckham is really popular in China. And yes, I know he has many million-dollar endorsement contracts, but seriously, I cannot imagine Beckham endorsing a sexual performance enhancement drug in China like in the picture below:


For those of you who don't read Chinese but would like to know what the poster says, here it is:

" Beckham using his 11th body part to endorse ....(cut off)"

"England BonBoo Capsule"

"Britain's Sex Revolution"

"Made from living organisms in the sea,"

"British Royal Family...(cut off)"

"David endorses vehemently,"

"Result immediately....(cut off)"

I must confess that I don't understand the deal with the "11th body part". But it's a safe guess that it is referring to the penis.

In fact, David Beckham is only one of the many victims of this type of copyright infringement. Although people tend to be more careful in the big cities, in smaller provincial areas and villages, big stars' faces are frequently used to promote aphrodisiacs and massage parlors.

Super Girl Dieting

They should feel sort of lucky that dieting isn't so bad compared to performance enhancement drugs.

I found this one which is the perfect match for Beckham's ad. Although the poster is cut off, the words in the upper right corner say:

"Beckham's wife, Spice Girl Victoria"

"3236808888 Zhaojun Motel"

You cannot go lower than this, can you?


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