Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Get Married Before You Graduate

This is the second hottest search keyword on Yahoo China today, 2,198,833 searches in one day.

In essence, this is YET another get-rich-quick scheme. The people who are eager to get married are young girls in their early 20s. Reason: solid financial support.

As many female students approach graduation and are starting to look for a job, they realize that even crappy and low-paid jobs are hard to come by. Even if you get a job, the low salary that a mediocre graduate from a mediocre college gets can hardly buy them nice things (and oh no, you have to WORK). So they run to the nearby marriage arrangement services in droves hoping to find a husband who can give them the kind of lifestyle they want, instantaneously.

When they register at these "services", they will list their requirements. The typical criteria are: have a house, have a car. Some prefer people with stable income such as teachers, civil servants. Some even make it clear that they want someone from Hong Kong or with a foreign passport. Interestingly, they don't care much more about anything else. Some girls have the upper age limit set (for the husband) at 60!

But who wants to marry these girls? It's so obvious they are just in for the money. To your surprise (and mine, too), there are many such guys at the demand end. They are the so-called "successful" businessmen who are looking for "good looking wife under 25 years of age". This is also why the girls are so anxious to get exposed to this marriage arrangement market so early (some are not even 20) because once they pass 25, they are not wanted by the rich men.

Interview of Miss Chen (one such girl)

Newspaper: Why do you want to get an arranged marriage? Isn't it a bit too early for a 20-year-old?

Miss Chen: I didn't think I would do such a thing just several months ago. But I've been having difficulties finding a job, none of my job applications got any response. One morning, I almost fainted on the crowded bus because I skipped breakfast to go to a job interview. At the moment, I realized that I needed a shoulder to lean on.

Newspaper: But do you think you can find the man of your dream before graduation? You don't have too much time.

Miss Chen: Not 100% sure, so I am still looking for a job.

Newspaper: Now you put materials first. What if you find your husband intolerable after you marry him, what do you do?

Miss Chen: Uhh..... I haven't thought about that.

Newspaper: Don't you feel that your education is wasted? Aren't you afraid that you will have a low status in the family?

Miss Chen: I can use what I've learned to help him and educate the kids. Low status.....maybe I will still work in the future.

Newspaper: So where is love?

Miss Chen: I believe love can be cultivated.




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