Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Starting Salary For College Graduates

This is the 10th most searched keyword on Yahoo China today, 2,321,390 searches in one day. Recently a survey that polled graduates of 89 colleges in China to rank their starting salaries after graduation. This survey result initiated waves of heated discussion (especially among the students) on the internet.

The salary is in RMB per month. Here are the top 10:

No.1 大连外国语学院  5050 RMB

(Dalian University of Foreign Languages)

No.2 电子科技大学 4900 RMB

(University of Electronic Science and Technology of China)

No.3 中央财经大学 3916 RMB

(Central University of Finance and Economics)

No.4 中央戏剧学院 3875 RMB

(The Central Academy of Drama)

No.5 复旦大学 3863 RMB

(Fudan University)

No.6 北京外国语大学 3717 RMB

(Beijing Foreign Studies University)

No.7 中国科学技术大学 3700 RMB

(University of Science and Technology of China)

No.8 西安交通大学 3682 RMB

(Xi'an Jiaotong University)

No.9 上海外国语大学 3633 RMB

(Shanghai International Studies University)

No.10 上海交通大学 3596 RMB

(Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

To many people's surprise, top guns such as Beijing University and Tsinghua University are ranked quite low on this list, at No.19 and No. 27 respectively, due to the fact the it excluded bonus and commissions. Based on the survey, it seems that students who major in foreign languages, finance and technology tend to get better starting salaries.

A typical scene at a career fair/interview.


When I first talked to one of my Chinese colleagues about people's starting salaries in China, I was very surprised to learn that medical doctors, dentists and lawyers don't get much financial rewards or recognition in contrary to their western counterparts, and according to him, that's why the health system sucks so much there. You don't get the top tier students in medicine or law to start with, and then the pay is low and hence lots of dodgy things go on. This friend of mine was a pharmacist-turned-sales manager for a big drug company, so there must be some truth there.




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