Sunday, October 14, 2007

Woman Harassed Because of T-shirt

This is the No. 5 hottest news on Yahoo China today, 1,947,757 searches in a day.

Seriously, if you don't know what it means, don't wear it. I have seen it a million times now, but now it finally makes headline in China, maybe it'll stop people from doing it.


One Chinese woman went on a tour with her family to Europe in mid August this year, and she felt that she must have a garment by an internationally famous brand to wear on the trip. Since her destination countries would fine people wearing counterfeits, she decided to spend huge dollars and get a real Nike from a Nike shop for 115 RMB.

However, her happy mood was ruined when one day at the airport in Rome, a professor in the same tour group explained to her about the implied meaning of "I like being on top".  She immediately felt extremely embarrassed and undignified. She was traumatized further when a young man gave her a couple of funny smirks with accompanying whistles as she came out of the airport toilet.

At least you can say "I like being on top" has double meanings, and I am sure some women in the States will happily wear it without feeling uncomfortable (knowing the full meaning) as it signals domination and power of some sort. I have seen worse. Once I saw a girl at the subway in Hong Kong, her t-shirt said:

"I am a slut!"

Imagine this following conversation:

Judge: Why did you harass this woman?

Defendant: Well, she is a slut! What do you expect me to do! I though she was asking people to harass her! 

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