Sunday, September 9, 2007

Hottest New Chinese Idol

"Chen Chusheng" (陈楚生) is the most used search keyword on today, 215,481 searches in one day.

If you are familiar with the whole "Super Girl" thing or read the blog entry on Li Yuchuan, then you will get this right away : Chen is Li's male counterpart. For those who are not familiar with "Super Girl", it is like American Idol but all contestants are girls.

Like Li Yuchuan, Chen became the newest overnight reality TV success after winning the "Super Boy" singing contest held by Hunan TV at the end of July this year. This 26 year-old singer from Sanya, Hainan already got several endorsement contracts (soft drinks and electronics) within one week of the conclusion of the TV show. Each of these contracts is estimated to worth millions of RMB, and of course more is coming. So if your company is considering getting this face to sell your products, act fast before his price goes up even higher. Just in case you want to find out how well he sings, here is a Youtube clip:


Super Boy Official Website

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