Friday, September 7, 2007

Free Samples Sites

This is the fastest rising search keyword on today.

Websites that distribute free samples are becoming popular in China, after all, who doesn't like freebies? Especially if the freebies are genuine products from big brands. Because the users have to register first so it also allows companies to give samples out to the desired demographics. However, the users do have to pay for the postage, so it's not really entirely free per se. Anyway, the idea is not that new.

What really surprised me was the web design of this top free samples site:

Finally, there is a website in China that's clean and uses lots of clear pictures and doesn't try to do too much. Although I still have problems with the font, it is such a big improvement from the usual wordiness and ugly color coordination. What's more, there is no flashing floating banners that follow you everywhere you scroll! Worth considering if you are an FMGC trying to break into China without a mega advertising budget.

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