Monday, September 3, 2007

Lust, Caution (Se Jie)

This is the title of Ang Lee's newest movie, and it's also the second most talked about movie in China right now (the first being Jay Chou's Secret That I Can't Tell).


Poster of Lust, Caution


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The story is basically about a girl in WWII Shanghai trying to assassinate a Japanese collaborator by getting intimate with him first. However, she kind of falls in love with this bad guy in the process. The story is based on a short story written by the famous Chinese author Eileen Chang, and many say that the main character in the story is based on Chang herself. Chang had a tragic life. She lived in isolation in the U.S. in her final years and eventually died alone.

I have never read the original story so I don't know how much "lust" there is in the book. However, Ang Lee's silver screen adaptation seems to be a super steamy one based on the first media reports after the movie premiered at the Venice Film Festival a few days ago. Apparently the Tang wei (who plays the girl) bared it all(hair and all...) and Tony Leung (the bad guy) pretty much did the same (some of the reviews I read say that you can see his testicles in the movie...omg!). The film has so much sex (and very graphic, too) that it has been give an NC-17 (i.e. X-rate) rating in the States. Unfortunately for Ang Lee's fans in China, the movie will be edited to remove all the sex scenes to make it suitable for screening in China.



Note to self: The fashion style back then is just so cool! I love it!

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