Thursday, July 26, 2007

Secret That I Can't Tell (不能说的秘密)

This is the most searched keyword on Yahoo China today (360346 searches in one day).

It is the name of Jay Chou's new movie, which he directed himself, and the title song of the same name. Check out this music video from

Jay Chou is undoubtedly the king of pop music in China today (he is nicknamed by media "President Chou" or "周董"). This 28-year-old from Taiwan has one unbeatable advantage over most other young pop idols, that is, he has real musical talent. Jay composes all his songs himself  and has done a lot of work for other singers.

Maybe Jay felt that he wasn't getting enough challenges since it was just all too easy for him (yes, sometimes this kid does seem a little snobbish), he has started to get involved in movie production in recent years. Last year, he played Prince Jai in the movie "Curse of the Golden Flower" ("满城尽带黄金甲") alongside experienced and award-studded Chow Yun-fat and Gong Li. I saw the movie, and I thought Gong Li was brilliant, Jay was mediocre but his role did not require much acting anyway. The story was thin but hey, what the heck, just watch it for it is the most expensive Chinese  movie ever made. Jay composed and sang the highly praised theme song for the movie. This clip below is the music video of this song, "Chrysanthemum Terrace" ("菊花台") and it's got bits of the movie trailer in it.

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