Thursday, July 19, 2007

Chu Pui-hing's Sex Scandal

This is the No.5 most searched keyword on Yahoo China today, and the name "Chu Pui-hing" tops the rank in the "People" category, too.

(Source: Mingpao)

Yup, that guy hiding behind the woman is Chu Pui-hing (朱培慶). He was the Director of Radio Television Hong Kong until a few days ago when he had to opt for an "early retirement" due to the scandal.

(Source: Mingpao)

Last Thursday (July 12), Chu was unfortunately spotted by media reporters and photographers (they were there to interview a pop singer who was holding a private concert in a nearby pub) emerging with a heavily made-up woman, arm in arm, holding a wig in his hand, from a Karaoke club ("Must Kara"). He reacted by dodging behind the woman and then dashing into a toilet of a nearby restaurant whilst still holding the wig. This clownish behavior immediately became the talk of HK, and now the entire China.

The woman in the photo is self-named "Coco" (due to her resemblance to singer Coco Lee) and is a stripper/call-girl/table-top dancer from China (illegally, of course). Apparently Chu, who is 59 years-old and married with two kids, paid a hefty 10,000 HKD (1,250 USD) to "take Coco out" after she performed a sexy all-nude table-top dance (wearing that wig) for Chu at the club. They were on the way back to Coco's place when Chu was caught by the camera.

Chu resigned not because of corruption. I must say he is an honest man. He forked out money from his own pocket instead of allowing the accompanying business men to pay for him (which would be a "gift" and the ICAC would be all over him by now). I guess this is why the Chinese people find this news interesting; you hardly see "happy ending" like this on the Mainland. Things like this will never get directly exposed by the media.

As for Coco, she is now a celebrity. Tabloid magazines that interviewed her were immediately sold out. Although she had to go back to China for a while to wait for things to cool down a bit, especially when her work status in HK was illegal, she said this in the interview: " I am definitely going back to HK and one day I shall become the No. 1 Mama-san in the entire Hong Kong!"

Chu's career is totally finished but Coco's bright future has just begun.

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