Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Princess Hours (Goong)

This is the No.8 most searched keyword in the TV drama category on Yahoo in China today. It is the hottest Korean TV drama in China right now.


Princess Hours ( in Chinese or in Korean) is a light romantic comedy about a bunch of good looking kids and their lives around the fictitious royal family in Korea (South Korea is a Republic if you must know, the royal family has been long gone since 1911). The main character (played by Yoon Eun Hye) an ordinary high school girl who for an unrealistic reason marries the crown prince (played by Joo Ji Hoon) who also goes to the same school. The production was a huge hit in Korea: it was once of MBC's most popular dramas in 2006. And it became yet another successful entertainment export product for Korea. The show cashed in a lot of foreign currencies from other Asian countries.

If you haven't notice, Korean pop culture is the "in" thing now in Asia ("Korean Wave" or "韓流"). It used to be Japan that was the center for young pop idols manufacturing and exporting, but the tide has all of a sudden changed since a few years ago. These good looking Korean pop idols have now taken over. For a lot of young kids, it is now more trendy to like a Korean idol than a local one. Compared with local Chinese pop idols, Koreans idols are better looking, styled more fashionably, sing cooler songs and have more mesmerizing music videos. Language is not a problem and the Koreans don't have the historical baggage like the Japanese. I must admit that I watched Princess Hours, too, and I liked it, although I am outside the show's target demographics.

Goong S (Goong' sequel): a totally different story but with the same royal family theme.



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