Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Zhang Liangying

This name is the No.1 most searched keyword on Yahoo China today.

Zhang Liangying (aka Jane Zhang) is a young female singer (22 yrs) and many regard her voice as one of the best amongst the young pop singers in China today. She has a very wide vocal range and some of her fans call that "dolphin note" (her favorite singer is Mariah Carey).

See some of her performances on

If you read my blog entry about the Chinese Idol Li Yuchun, you would know that Li became hot because she won the "Super Girl" contest in 2005. Interestingly, Jane Zhang was at the same contest, but she only came third. The YouTube clip above is her performance at the contest.

She actually looks a little like A-Mei, a pop singer from Taiwan and according to one on-line survey result, 11.5% people like her because of the resemblance. 17% likes her "I don't give a damn" attitude and an overwhelming 71% likes the voice. By the way, she sings mostly English songs and it's very well taken by her fans although most of them don't understand the meaning of the words.

Jane had a personal concert in Pasadena, Los Angeles at the end of March this year. There was quite a lot of media hype prior to the concert. People thought this was going to be a national pride: a Chinese pop singer standing on the American stage singing to the Americans! It turned out to be more like a gather together dinner party of the local Chinese people, and the venue and the stage was embarrassingly unattractive. Then no one talked about it anymore. I kind of feel sorry for her as it's not her fault. People are just too hooked on the "gaining face internationally" thing.

Jane's Official Website: (Chinese)

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