Thursday, August 16, 2007

Kenneth Lee Rothey

This is the No.9 most searched keyword on Yahoo China today, 733488 searches in one day.

CCTV has a program that tells stories about good people and their good deeds, and they aired the story about Rothey not long ago before the story took a sour turn. Initially people were impressed by Rothey because he is American and he cares about the environment in China. He often arranges various campaigns to raise people's awareness of environmental issues and picks up rubbish wherever he goes. They nicknamed him "the foreign Lei Feng". (Lei Feng was picked by Chairman Mao to be the ultimate Communist idol for his selfless devotion to Mao and the Party).



Then several days later some guy pointed out that Rothey is actually a fugitive wanted by the Interpol. Rothey is wanted for the following offences: counterfeiting/forgery, money laundering, organized crime/transnational crime, people smuggling, trafficking and illegal immigration.  Heated discussion across the whole country followed suit.

The good Rothey says he is not the bad Rothey despite of the same name and birth date. But the mystery should be solved soon, since apparently a lot of people have sent in his details to the Interpol over the Internet. If it turns out ok for him, then I think Rothey will possibly become the second most popular foreigner in China, after Dashan.

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