Wednesday, August 22, 2007

How To Marry A Millionaire

"Search for millionaires' wives" is one of the most viewed news in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taiwan today.

Think about it, it's pretty difficult for the average Jane to even meet a rich guy, let alone marry one. The social circles don't overlap in the least bit. Traditionally, good-looking girls would join beauty pageants or become movie stars/models in order to achieve their goals, but it takes time and some luck, too.  

One match-making agency in Shanghai came up with something that "guarantees 90% success rate in developing love". The agency is running a beauty pageant and the millionaires are the judges. The contest is divided into spring, summer and autumn divisions and seven lucky girls from each division will be able to join the millionaires on a romantic overseas trip together.

The criteria for the billionaires are as follow:

48 years old or below;

Owns net assets over 10 million RMB;

Is an elite of some sort (eg. CEO, outstanding achiever in a particular area, son of a rich person, or a socialite. I am not kidding, this is really what the website says.)

The service fee schedule is as follow:

7-star service requires 300,000 RMB and you can sit on the panel for all of the three sessions as well as the grand final.

5-star service requires 150,000 RMB and you can participate in two of the games.

3-star service cost you 50,000 RMB and gives you the right to check out the girls in only one of the games.

Of course a lot people are jumping up and down calling this pimping, but the girls don't care. 2,700 girls signed up for the spring division alone, and most of them were just university students. One 18-year-old said she joined out of curiosity and also because she wanted to become famous. 21-year-old university student Miss Chang said that regardless of whether she could develop something with the millionaires, she felt that this should definitely be good for her career anyway. Check out the agency's website for a good laugh.

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