Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Giant Mooncake

"The biggest mooncake in China" is the No.6 hottest search keyword on Yahoo China today, 926,084 searches in one day.

(Source: http://news.sohu.com/20070821/n251689075.shtml)

This giant mooncake is currently being made in a local supermarket in Shenyang, China. Traditionally, mooncakes are consumed during the Mid-Autumn Festival in China. Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the 15th day of 8th month of the Chinese Calendar every year, and this years it is on the 25th of September (of the regular calendar).

I never liked the traditional mooncakes. They are extremely sweet and oily, not good for your arteries and waistline. However, in recent years, mooncakes have undergone a revamp to jazz up it's old-fashioned image in order to attract younger customers. Last year my husband received a gift voucher from one of the company suppliers for a Haagen Dazs mooncake, one that had a crispy chocolate outer crust and mango ice cream filling. I only heard that it was very yummy since he consumed it all by himself while I was away. By the way, the reason for that supplier to give him such a cheap present was because his company has strict rules on gifts (must be under $20 USD).

Haagen Dazs Ice Cream Mooncakes


It seems that the giant ones in Shenyang are more of the traditional flavor : lotus paste and jujube paste. I wonder if they will put any egg yolks in them. The traditional mooncakes seem to always have two egg yolks in them, so when the cakes are cut into quarters, it looks like there is a full moon in your cake!


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