Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Andy Lau's Crazy Fan Shows Up In Nanjing

This is one of the most viewed news on Eastday.com today. (http://paihang.eastday.com/)

This woman is named Yang Li-juan, and is basically a psycho who has caused quite a media stir earlier this year.

This 28-year-old from Gansu, China claims that she dreamed of Andy Lau once when she was 16 and has become crazy about him ever since (I guess she meant that literally). She dropped out of school to become a full-time fan, and more strangely, her parents sold their house and spent their entire life's savings to support their only child's Andy Lau chasing dream. At one time, her father even tried to sell one of his own kidneys to fund his daughter's trips to various Andy Lau events in Beijing and Hong Kong.

Earlier this year in March, Yang went to Hong Kong with her parents to join Andy Lau's Birthday Party that was organized by his official fan club. Yang was able to meet Andy Lau and had a picture taken with him, but she was not satisfied. She demanded that Andy Lau meet with her alone for an hour for a chat, and obviously nobody took her too seriously.

She was very angry and told her dad about her disappointment. The 68-year-old high school teacher was so angry with Andy Lau that he killed himself by jumping into Salisbury Sea near Tsim Sha Tsui in Hong Kong, leaving a 12-page letter condemning Andy Lau and his coldness towards his entire family. Yang and her mother blamed Andy Lau for the old man's death and demanded that again Andy Lau meet up with her to fulfill her father's last wish or they would refuse to claim the ashes of her father. Andy Lau was of course extremely shocked.

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Why the Father of Andy Lau's Psychostalker Committed Suicide

The most ridiculous thing was that after her high-profile exposure in the media, some people started to send in money to provide future funding for her Andy chasing activities. One newspaper in Gansu claimed that Yang "belonged" to them since they would provide all the air fares and accommodations. One guy, who had previously proposed to another nutty woman, Sister Lotus, claimed that he had dumped his old love for Yang and would like to provide comfort and love for this fragile girl. There was a plan for some movie producer to make a film on this story. 

Just when people have started to forget about her, she appears in Nanjing and the reason is that one plastic surgery hospital there will sponsor her surgical procedure because Yang believes that becoming more beautiful is the only way to attract Andy Lau's attention. 

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I wonder why there aren't any psychiatric hospitals that want to sponsor Yang and her mother's treatment. Maybe Andy Lau should sponsor that, it's for his own good anyway.

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