Sunday, November 4, 2007

Harassed by a Laowai (foreigner)

This is the 6th most searched keyword on Yahoo China today, 2,436,025 in one day.

A Shenzhen girl who is currently working in Beijing wrote about how she was sexually harassed by a foreigner in her Sina and Spaces blogs, and the whole thing got so big that this Australian "laowai" has left China now.

According to her blogs, this is how it goes: she met this Australian in a Starbucks in Beijing back in 2005. Initially he was nice, but then after a while he started to send her sexually explicit SMS and photos as well as inviting her to a threesome party with his French girlfriend. She didn't like that. And then somehow she got into a fist fight with the French girlfriend and sustained some injuries on her face, so she decided to complain to BMW. Later she sued this guy but apparently it got no where. She was so bitter and exposed everything in her blogs, all the photos he sent her, his and the French girlfriend's personal information, such as full name, birth date, passport number and street address, emails of all the directors of BMW China. Most of the Chinese netizens are on her side, calling this guy a "foreign beast" and praising the girl for her action in "defending the dignity of Chinese women and Chinese law".

I don't know how she obtained all this information, especially their passports! She is truly someone you don't want to mess around with!


onaslowboat said...

Though the photos of this douche are pretty hilarious and his behavior was totally inappropriate, I can't support the way this woman released his personal information. Doing so pretty much ensures a angry Chinese lynch mob will go after the guy, and puts him in danger of serious physical harm. I wonder if her reaction to similar treatment from a Chinese man would have been the same, and if the internet would have cared as much if it weren't a 老外。

sunita akter said...

Thanks for knowing us details about this woman.

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