Thursday, November 1, 2007

22-year-old Rich Girl Looking For A Partner

This is the 3rd most searched keyword on Yahoo China today, 2,419,282 searches in one day.


A mysterious 22-year-old rich girl bought an ad space in Guangzhou Daily on Oct. 31. The ad was framed in red and attracted huge attention immediately. This is what the ad says:

Female, 22-year-old, gentle and quiet, understanding and sweet, 150cm tall, born in Guangzhou and lives in a high-class house in the city center. Family is well off. Now seeking a single gentleman of 168-175 cm height, age between 23-30 years, with good looks and health, for love and marriage. Location not and issue.

Interested parties please send personal details and two recent photos to Suitable candidates will be contacted. Forgive me if you don't receive any response.

This ad space and the same ad in another newspaper cost roughly 330,000 RMB, this girls is not stingy. One poll conducted by an internet forum shows people's reaction to the ad:

8.33% "I am definitely going to apply!"

18.1%  "It must be some marketing gimmick of some marriage arrangement service."

5.46% "I am not single any more, damn!"

68.1% "I am juts reading this to kill time."

But what if this is for real? Don't forgo this rare opportunity to meet this rich Chinese girl!


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Seekmayb said...

Hi im from Australia and is looking 4 someone nice!