Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Read This If You Want To Sell Beauty Products In China

The Yahoo Top 10 Keywords change everyday, but some keywords are perennially on the list. 女人我最大 is one such keyword. It is the No. 2 most searched keyword in the "Media" category on Yahoo China today, and I think it was No. 1 yesterday.

女人我最大 (direct translation: "I, woman, am the greatest!") is a Taiwanese TV program that has become so incredibly successful, millions of women in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan follow the program faithfully every week.

The program is basically a beauty talk show. Every episode has a topic (eg, dieting, hair, make-up, skin care, plastic surgery, underwear, shoes, manicure, teeth whitening, supplement....anything that is related to beauty in the slightest sense) and special guests such as make-up professionals, models, second-line wannabe-starlets will share their tricks of the trade and, here comes the killer app, RECOMMEND PRODUCTS. 

The products they recommend may not be well-known international brands. On the contrary, the "experts" usually point their golden fingers at products that very few people have heard of (maybe this strengthens the credibility of the experts, since if the experts use products that everyone else can easily get their hands on, then what's so special about the recommendation?)

After every episode, the popularity and consequently the sales of recommended products immediately soar. Women have heated discussions about the products on web forums all over the country, and the name of the program has become a powerful sales tool. "Recommended by 女人我最大" has become an overused but effective label on countless beauty products.

Make-up artists and skin care professionals who frequently appear on the show have become celebrity-like super experts. They have written their own books, have their own web sites, one of them even has his own brand of skin care products now.

Now the program also publishes a weekly magazine that basically describes all the recommended products in written form one more time, plus maybe additional recommendation that did not get on the show.

Not surprisingly, there are many similar copycat TV programs now, but hey, nothing beats the original. It's just simply phenomenal. All this from a humble little TV show that must cost very little to produce. The guy who came up with the idea is a genius.

Watch 女人我最大 on

(this the search result page, click on any one of them for a quick glance of what the show is about, but it's in Mandarin only)

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